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Sean Webster is a 21 year old Creator and Entrepreneur whose star is rising astronomically. Having exhibited his work across London, New York, Manchester and Liverpool, Seans artwork is collected worldwide by names such as Robbie Williams, Sean Lennon, and Brian Ray. A Sean Webster mural sits proudly at the famous Strawberry Field, and his artwork for UFC Star Meatball Molly's book on self-acceptance was showcased inside the iconic BT Tower in London.

With a lifelong love for cartoons and IP, Sean is the mastermind behind The Pals Universe, a well-being focussed children's brand. Having had an innate connection with the magic of cartoons from a young age, it's evident that the Pals were always a part of his creative essence, patiently waiting to be unleashed. They harness an original eye-catching design style in children's IP, breaking new ground while staying true to the bright and playful aesthetic that has endeared children for generations and reflecting the values and dreams that have shaped Sean... their creation is a destiny fulfilled. After drawing over 8000 Pals, Sean soft-launched the IP as a sold out collection of digital collectibles in December 2022, and has since been determined to make this a trailblazer in children’s entertainment - much like the iconic Mr Men, The Smurfs and The Wombles.

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