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Sean Webster is a 20 year old already well on his way to becoming a leading figure in the art world. Sean is a former Instagram Arts Ambassador and Liverpool Artist Of The Year Finalist. Having sold out his debut show in 2021, he went on to exhibit in Cass Art - the UK's largest art supply retailer - who he is the proud Ambassador of, and Bold Street Coffee - Liverpool's most popular coffee spot. Also appearing in two of the Willow Foundation's Stars on Canvas London exhibitions - which raised money for ill young adults - Sean's star has risen astronomically.


With a near-manic work ethic, he has risen to prominence, with his art owned and recognized by Robbie Williams, Sean Lennon, Newton Faulkner, Brian Ray and Phil X of Bon Jovi. His hometown of Liverpool is peppered with his works and a Sean Webster mural hangs proudly across the world-famous Strawberry Field. His artwork for UFC Star 'Meatball' Molly McCann's picture book on self-acceptance was showcased in the BT Tower in London.

Having spotted an opportunity in web3 to launch a brand around his cartoon street art characters, Sean spent 8 months drawing 4,444 individually hand drawn characters which he released as NFTs at the end of 2022 - they minted out in 3 hours.  With a strong community and fan base believing in him and his vision, Sean is actively developing The Pals Universe into what he plans to be an integral part of pop culture. From TV shows to video games to story books, Sean’s vision is to bring his characters from blockchain to homes all around the world. 

Sean marks Keith Haring, Tim Burton, Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss as inspirations.

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