Sean Webster (b.2002) is an Artist known for his bold, unique pop art and graffiti, usually consisting of bright backgrounds and colorful characters. Sean has been described as an “energetic presence on the creative scene'. His work is internationally collected and his graffiti can be found in the gardens of the world-famous Strawberry Field. Owners of Seans work include; Sean Lennon, Brian Ray, Phil X and Newton Faulkner. Sean is the Ambassador of CassArt (the UKs leading art supplies retailer) and a former Arts Ambassador for Instagram. He is an Art Tutor in London and Liverpool for LMA University. Following illustrating UFC star Meatball Molly's picture book, selling out his debut solo exhibition in 2021 - and alongside multiple exhibitions during 2022, Sean has been working on an NFT project called The Pals which is being released in September and features over 7500 artworks.